CANUS Corporation

  • Gas Inspection Services

    CANUS Corporation is a gas inspection contractor for both transmission including hydrostatic gas inspection and distribution providing gas inspection services.

  • Substation Testing

    CANUS Corporation is an electrical substation testing contractor, including protective relay testing, circuit breaker testing, power factor testing, and substation automation

  • Utility Maintenance Services

    CANUS Corporation Utility Maintenance Services including Electrical Substation Maintenance

  • Electrical Inspection Services

    CANUS Corporation is a contractor providing electrical inspection, transmission and distribution as well as electrical substation inspection services.

  • Current
  • Gas Inspection Services
  • Substation Testing
  • Utility Maintenance Services
  • Electrical Inspection Services
CANUS Corporation, a California licensed Utility Contractor, is a source of specialized technical contracting, providing quality solutions to utilities nationwide.  With more than 600 qualified full time technical professionals, a resource base of several thousand and an affiliation with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers CANUS Corporation has the manpower, resources and expertise to complete projects that are local, regional, or national in scope. 

Find out how CANUS's model can realize project cost savings versus other labor sourcing strategies.

Integrated Processes

CANUS utilizes their proprietary cloud based management suite to streamline the entire value chain from sourcing to work product visibilty all the way to their SAP integrated billing modules.  The CANUS Management Suite allows client visibility from any web connected device to their entire CANUS workforce's daily operations via project specific logs and work product uploads.  Please click the "Request More Information" button to find out more about CANUS's secure  Cloud Based Management Suite  by scheduling a one-on-one webinar with one of CANUS's team members.

Safety First Culture

CANUS Corporation employees know that safety is a primary concern during all project activities.  Workplace and worker safety is important not only because we value the welfare of our employees, but also because the success of our projects - and our business - depends on it.  We realize that to achieve zero accidents, every employee must be committed to knowing and using safe working practices.  This commitment also includes maintenance of a drug-free workplace and worker support for our no-drugs policy.

Safety  is efficient, practical and effective.  It's the right way to do business.  CANUS's commitment to safety has manifested into superior safety records compared to industry standards. 



CANUS has mentored and engaged in ongoing subcontract arrangements that exceed tier 2  diversity  spend requirements for the utility industry.  With the ongoing support of their diversity partners CANUS's diversity program continues to thrive.


Commitment to Training

CANUS continues to invest in innovative  training  processes to ensure a highly trained and functional workforce.  CANUS provides cloud web based training to all employees.

CANUS also invests in training through state-of-the-art training facilities allowing for in person training sessions, proctored testing and web based training cells made available for all pre-employment and ongoing training activities. 


Labor Management

CANUS provides a   scalable   workforce based on our expansive resource pool made up of thousands of qualified individuals.  Through the use of streamlined on boarding processes CANUS can scale a labor force required for any size job scope while still exceeding the industry and client employee screening requirements.  The CANUS labor force is NERC & DOT level   background screened and drug tested  for every job.  This ensures the best possible job outcomes and is a key proactive step towards CANUS's safety first culture.  


Affordable Care Act Compliant

CANUS has responded to the macroeconomic shifts requiring the creation and management of   Affordable Care Act compliant   healthcare offerings for utility contractors by implementing a state-of-the-art option to meet our employee and clients' needs at no additional costs.  


CANUS is pre-approved with the following clients: