Substation Testing

Substation Testing

 Protective Relay Testing

CANUS Corporation provides experienced personnel to test either electro-mechanical protective relays, solid state protective relays or microprocessor based relays.  CANUS tests using state of the art relay test sets including Omicron, Doble and Manta. 

Substation Acceptance Testing & Substation Maintenance Testing 

New construction acceptance testing and existing substation maintenance testing are primary factors in prolonging the life of your electrical equipment and the ongoing reliability of a utilities service to their customers.  CANUS performs and documents, in accordance with our client’s and NERC standards, all required and requested tests on the following equipment in your substation and/or power generation facility:

  • Protective Relay Calibration / Testing
  • Low and High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • High Potential Testing
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • SCADA Integration
  • CTs,  PTs and CCVTs Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Substation Automation
  • Ground Grid Testing
  • Battery Rack Testing


Key Features

  • Experienced workforce - the average CANUS Employee has more than 20 years utility experience
  • Proprietary cloud based management suite minimizes cost overheads
  • Real time cost visibility
  • Real time work product visibility
  • Job specific work product integration
  • SAP billing integration
  • Scalable workforce on demand
  • Resource database of > 20,000 individuals including our newest resumes showcased here.
  • Direct hires allowing for client specified individual hires
  • Extensive safety training records available for each individual upon request
  • Extensively trained functional workforce
  • Innovative training process minimize cost impacts of extensive training programs
  • Industry exceeding safety record
  • Industry exceeding tier 2 WMBE certified diversity spend
  • Every employee is fully background and driving record screened
  • Every employee is 5 panel pre-employment drug tested 


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PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Electrical Testing – Wind Transmission Substation

 CANUS Corporation recently completed testing a 500 kV to 230 kV transmission substation fed by acres of wind turbines.  The wind farm was designed to provide renewable power to the fast paced residential and commercial expansions in the area as well as to bolster the renewable generation capacity to the grid at large.  The substation built to transmit the generation was a greenfield project, a new facility from the ground up, to support the brand new Wind Farm.  Continue Reading


PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Substation Testing – 500kV

Photovoltaic Field

Photovoltaic Field

CANUS Corporation recently completed acceptance testing of a brand new transmission substation fed by a major photovoltaic (PV) field.  The publicly owned utility outsourced the engineer, procure and construct (EPC) responsibilities to a third party that CANUS supported with substation testing services.  Continue Reading